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Constitution of 1974

Preamble p.1

Chapter 1- The State p.3

Chapter 2- Basic Principles p.3

Chapter 3- State Structure p.6

Chapter 4- Pyithu Hluttaw p.8

Chapter 5- Council of State p.12

Chapter 6- Council of Minister p.15

Chapter 7- Council of People’s Justices p.17

Chapter 8- Council of People’s Attorneys p.19

Chapter 9- Council of People’s Inspectors p.20

Chapter 10- People’s Councils p.22

Chapter 11- Fundamental Rights An Duty of Citizens p.25

Chapter 12- Electoral System p.29

Chapter 13- Recall, Resignation and Replacement p.32

Chapter 14- State Flag, State Seal, National Anthem, And State Capital p.32

Chapter 15- Amendment of the Constitution (Removed)

Chapter 16- General Provisions p.33