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BIT India

ARTICLE 1 Definitions p.1
ARTICLE 2 Scope of the Agreement p.2
ARTICLE 3 Promotion and Protection of Investment p.3
ARTICLE 4 National Treatment and Most-Favoured-Nation Treatment p.3
ARTICLE 5 Expropriation p.3
ARTICLE 6 Compensation for Losses p.4
ARTICLE 7 Repatriation of Investment and Returns p.4
ARTICLE 8 Subrogation p.5
ARTICLE 9 Settlement of Disputes Between an Investor and a
Contracting Party p.5
ARTICLE l0 Disputes Between the Contracting Parties p.6
ARTICLE 11 Entry and Sojourn of Personnel p.7
ARTICLE 12 Denial of Benefits p.7
ARTICLE 13 Applicable Laws p.7
ARTICLE l4 Application of other Rules p.8
ARTICLE l5 Entry into Force p.8
ARTICLE l6 Duration and Termination p.8