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Charter of the ASEAN

Chapter 1 : Purposes and Principles

Article 1- Purposes p.3

Article 2- Purposes p.5

Chapter 2 : Legal Personality

Article 3- Legal Personality of Asean p.7

Chapter 3 : Membership

Article 4- Member States p.8

Article 5- Rights and Obligation p.8

Article 6- Admission of New Members p.8

Chapter 4 : Organs

Article 7- ASEAN Summit p.10

Article 5- ASEAN Coordinating Council p.11

Article 9- ASEAN Community Councils p.12

Article 10- ASEAN Sectoral Ministerial Bodies p.13

Article 11- ASEAN Secretary-General of ASEAN and ASEAN Secreteriat p.14

Article 12- Comittee to Permanent Representatives to ASEAN p.16

Article 13- ASEAN National Secretariat p.17

Article 14- ASEAN Human Rights Body p.18

Article 15- ASEAN Foundation p.18

Chapter 5 : Entity Assiociated with ASEAN

Article 16- Entity Assiociated with ASEAN

Chapter 6 : Immunities and Privileges

Article 17- Immunities and Privileges of ASEAN p.20

Article 18- Immunities and Privileges of the Secretariat p.20

Article 19- Immunities and Privileges of the Permanent Representatives and Officials on Asean Duties p.20

Chapter 7 : Decision Making

Article 20 : Consultation and Consensus p.22

Article 21 : Implementation and Procedure p.22

Chapter 8 : Settlement of Disputes

Article 22 : General Principles p.23

Article 23 : Good Offices, Conciliation and Mediation p.23

Article 24 : Dispute Settlement Mechanisms in Specific Instruments p.23

Article 25- Establishment of Dispute Settlement Mechanisms p.24

Article 26- Unresolved Disputes p.24

Article 27- Compliance p.24

Chapter 9 : Budget and Finance

Article 29- General Principles p.26

Article 30 : Operation Budget and Finance of the ASEAN Secretariat p.26

Chapter 10 : Administration and Procedure

Article 31- Chairman of the ASEAN p.27

Article 32- Role of the Chairman of ASEAN p.27

Article 33- Diplomatic Protocol and Practices p.28

Article 34- Working Language ASEAN p.28

Chapter 11 : Identity and Symbols p.29 :

Article 35- ASEAN Identity
Article 36- ASEAN Motto
Article 37- ASEAN Flag
Article 38- ASEAN Emblem
Article 39- ASEAN Day
Article 40- ASEAN Anthem

Chapter 12 : Eternal Relations

Article 41 - Conduct of External Relations p.30
Article 42 - Dialogue Coordiantor p.31
Article 43 – ASEAN Committees in Third Countries and International Organizations p.31
Article 44- Status of External Parties p.32
Article 45- Relation with the U.N System and Other International Organizations and Institutions p.32
Article 46- Accreditation of Non-ASEAN Member States to ASEAN p.32

Chapter 13 : General and Final provisions

Article 47- Signature, Ratification, Depository and Entry Into Force p.33
Article 48- Amendments p.33
Article 49- Terms of Reference and Rule of Procedure p.34
Article 50- Review p.34
Article 51- Interpretation of the Charter p.34
Article 52- Legal Continuity p.35
Article 53- Original Text p.35
Article 54- Registration of the ASEAN Charter p.35
Article 55- ASEAN Assets p.35