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BIT Japan

Article 1 Definitions p.2
Article 2 National Treatment p.3
Article 3 Most-Favoured-Nation Treatment p.4
Article 4 Treatment of Investment p.4
Article 5 Access to the Courts of Justice p.4
Article 6 Prohibition of Performance Requirements p.4
Article 7 Non-Conforming Measures p.7
Article 8 Transparency p.9
Article 9 Public Comment Procedures p.10
Article 10 Administrative Procedures p.10
Article 11 Measures against Corruption p.11
Article 12 Entry, Sojourn and Residence of Investors p.11
Article 13 Expropriation and Compensation p.111
Article 14 Protection from Strife p.12
Article 15 Subrogation p.13
Article 16 Transfers p.13
Article 17 Settlement of Dispute between the Contracting Parties p.14
Article 18 Settlement of Investment Disputes
between a Contracting Party
and an Investor of the Other Contracting Party p.15
Article 19 General and Security Exceptions p.18
Article 20 Temporary Safeguard Measures p.19
Article 21 Prudential Measures p.20
Article 22 Intellectual Property Rights p.21
Article 23 Taxation p.21
Article 24 Joint Committee p.22
Article 25 Health, Safety and Environmental Measures
and Labour Standards p.23
Article 26 Denial of Benefits p.23
Article 27 Headings p.24
Article 28 Final Provisions p.24