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ASEAN Australia - New Zealand Agreement


Preamble p.5
Chapter 1. Establishment of Free Trade Area, Objectives and General Definitions p.7
Chapter 2. Trade in Goods p.11
Chapter 3. Rules of Origin p.18

Annex on Operational Certification Procedures p.34
• Appendix on Minimum Data Requirements – Application for a
Certificate of Origin p.49
• Appendix on Minimum Data Requirements – Certificate of Origin p.50
Chapter 4. Customs Procedures p. 51
Chapter 5. Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures p.59
Chapter 6. Standards, Technical Regulations and Conformity Assessment Procedures p.65
Chapter 7. Safeguard Measures p.74
Chapter 8. Trade in Services p.83
Annex on Financial Services p.110
Annex on Telecommunications p.121
• Appendix on Transitional Arrangements p.129

Chapter 9. Movement of Natural Persons p.136
Chapter 10. Electronic Commerce p.142

Chapter 11. Investment p.148
Annex on Expropriation and Compensation p.181
Chapter 12. Economic Co-operation p.183
Chapter 13. Intellectual Property p.187
Chapter 14. Competition p.197
Chapter 15. General Provisions and Exceptions p.200
Chapter 16. Institutional Provisions p.207
Chapter 17. Consultations and Dispute Settlement p.210
Annex on Rules of Procedure for Arbitral Tribunal Proceedings p.236
Annex on Optional Procedures for Composing Arbitral Tribunals p.242
Chapter 18. Final Provisions p.244