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ASEAN - China Agreement

Article 1-Definitions p.3
Article 2- Objectives p.6
Article 3- Scope of Application p.7
Article 4- National Treatment p.10
Article 5- Most-Favoured-Nation Treatment p.10
Article 6- Non-Conforming Issues p.11
Article 7- Treatment of Investment p.12
Article 8- Expropriation p.12
Article 9- Compensation of Losses p.14
Article 10- Transfer of Repatriation of Profits p.14
Article 11- Measure to Safeguard the Balance of Payments p.17
Article 12- Subrogation p.18
Article 13- Dispute Between Parties p.19
Article 14- Investment Disputes between a Party and an Investor p.19
Article 15- Denial of Benefits p.24
Article 16- General Exceptions p.25
Article 17- Security Exceptions p. 26
Article 18- Other Obligations p.27
Article 19- Transparency p.28
Article 20- Promotion of Investment p.29
Article 21- Facilitation of Investment p.30
Article 22- Institutional Arrangements p.30
Article 23- Relations with Other Arrangements p.31
Article 24- General Review p.31
Article 25- Amendments p.31
Article 26- Depositary p.31
Article 27- Entry Into Force p.32