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ASEAN Comprehensive Investment Agreement


Article 1 Objective p.2
Article 2 Guiding Principles p.3
Article 3 Scope of Application p.4
Article 4 Definitions p.6
Article 5 National Treatment p.9
Article 6 Most-Favoured-Nation Treatment p.10
Article 7 Prohibition of Performance Requirements p.11
Article 8 Senior Management and Board of Directors p.12
Article 9 Reservations p.12
Article 10 Modification of Commitments p.13
Article 11 Treatment of Investment p.14
Article 12 Compensation in Cases of Strife p.15
Article 13 Transfers p.15
Article 14 Expropriation and Compensation p.19
Article 15 Subrogation p.20
Article 16 Measures to Safeguard the Balance-of-Payments p.21
Article 17 General Exceptions p.22
Article 18 Security Exceptions p.24
Article 19 Denial of Benefits p.25
Article 20 Special Formalities and Disclosure of Information p.26
Article 21 Transparency p.27
Article 22 Entry, Temporary Stay and Work of Investors and Key Personnel p.28
Article 23 Special and Differential Treatment for the Newer ASEAN
Member States p.29
Article 24 Promotion of Investment p.29
Article 25 Facilitation of Investment p.30
Article 26 Enhancing ASEAN Integration p.31
Article 27 Disputes Between or Among Member States p.32

Section B- Investment Dispute Between an Investor and a Member State

Article 28 Definitions p.32
Article 29 Scope of Coverage p.34
Article 30 Conciliation p.34
Article 31 Consultations p.35
Article 32 Claim by an Investor of a Member State p.35
Article 33 Submission of a Claim p.36
Article 34 Conditions and Limitations on Submission of a Claim p.38
Article 35 Selection of Arbitrators p.39
Article 36 Conduct of the Arbitration p.41
Article 37 Consolidation p.43
Article 38 Expert Reports p.43
Article 39 Transparency of Arbitral Proceedings p.43
Article 40 Governing Law p.44
Article 41 Awards p.45


Article 42 Institutional Arrangements p.47
Article 43 Consultations by Member States p.48
Article 44 Relation to Other Agreements p.48
Article 45 Annexes, Schedule and Future Instruments p.49
Article 46 Amendments p.49
Article 47 Transitional Arrangements Relating to the ASEAN IGA and the AIA Agreement p.49
Article 48 Entry into Force p.50
Article 49 Depositary p.50