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Judiciary Law (2000)

Judicial Principles in Myanmar :

Section 3 : The administration of justice shall be based upon the following principles :

(a) to administer justice independently according to law ;

(b) to dispense justice in open Court unless otherwise prohibited by law ;

(c) to obtain the right of defense and the right of appeal in cases according to law ;

(d) to support in building of rule of law and regional peace and tranquillity by protecting and safeguarding the interests of the people ;

(e) to educate the people to understand and abide by the law and nurture the habit of abiding by the law by the people ;

(f) to cause to compound and complete the cases within the framework of law for the settlement of cases among the public ;

(g) to aim at reforming moral character in meting out punishment to offender.

Section 4 : No penal law shall have retrospective effect.

Section 5 : Any person who committed an offense shall be convicted only under the relevant existing law at the time of its commission. Moreover, he shall not be sentenced with a penalty more than that which is applicable under the said law. .

Section 6 : If a person is convicted or acquitted by a competent court for an offense, he shall not be retried for such offense unless a superior Court sets aside such convicting or acquitting judgment and passes order for retrial.