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The City of Mandalay Development Law (2002)

The Committee shall, in respect of the following functions and duties lay down policy, give guidance, supervise and implement within the City territory : -
(a) drawing up civil project and establishing new towns ;
(b) administering the lands in accordance with the existing laws ;
(c) constructing, maintaining and demolishing buildings ;
(d) demolishing and resettlement of. squatter houses, squatter buildings and squatter wards ;
(e) constructing roads and bridges and maintaining thereof ;
(f) stipulating conditions and in respect of traffic and parking of vehicles and slow-moving vehicles ;
(g) determining road regulations and road use and naming of the road and determining the number of the building ;
(h) carrying out environmental conservation works
(i) building gardens, parks, playgrounds and recreation centres and maintaining thereof ;
(j) carrying out works for lighting of roads ;
(k) carrying out works for water supply ;
(l) carrying out works for sanitation ;
(m) carrying out works for public health ;
(n) constructing, maintaining and administering of markets ;
(o) prescribing conditions in respect of food businesses, restaurants and roadside stalls ;
(p) granting permission to open guest houses to accommodate local travellers only and inspecting hotels, motels, inns and guest houses in respect of development matters ;
(q) granting permission and administering ferry services, braking businesses and private pawn shops businesses ;
(r) building slaughter houses and granting permission to slaughter cattle for consumptions.
(s) holding and managing cattle fair ;
(t) granting permission for keeping and breeding animals and catching and impounding the stray
animals ;
(u) carrying out tasks to look after the stray insane persons, lepers and baggers ;
(v) carrying out precautionary measures against fire, flood, storm and natural disaster ;
(w) determining and demolishing graveyards, cremating building and administering crematories ;
(x) carrying out other development works beneficial to the general public ;
(y) carrying out other functions and duties assigned from time to time by the Prime Minister.
9. The Committee shall, in carrying out development functions and duties contained in section 8, carry out works concerning policy matters and special projects to be implemented within the City territory only after obtaining the approval of the Prime Minister.
10. The Committee may, in carrying out its functions and duties, coordinate with the relevant government and organizations, if necessary.